SEO Smackdown: Download Time – Machine Speed Vs. Human Speed

Download time Ever since more and more people began using the internet, it became clear that download time was an important factor in the overall enjoyment and productivity of a person’s internet time.  If you were trying to download an important file, and it took forever to get from the server to my hard drive, you become impatient and potentially a little frustrated in how long it’s taking to download one thing.  But when your internet speed is having a good day, those files are just downloading like nobody’s business.  In this situation, everybody is happy.  You get the information you want, and you can move on with your day.

Download speed will pretty much always be an important aspect of a person’s experience with the internet.  It was when we first started using the internet, it’s important for us now, and it’s pretty safe to assume that it’ll still play an  important role in the future.

For , when it comes to download time, an important factor that has always stuck with her was the user experience first, and technology second.  It doesn’t matter how awesome the technology that we have is, for if our experience with it doesn’t live up to our expectation, then it’s not all THAT great, is it?

If the download time it takes to obtain information from a site sucks, then people won’t come to your site, will they?

Shari’s article, found on Search Engine Land, discusses why download time is important to us and how it affects us as users.  To check out her article, just follow the link below!

Search Engine Land:  SEO Smackdown: Download Time – Machine Speed Vs. Human Speed