SEO Teaching: Should SEO be Taught at Universities?

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Seo1SEO has been around for a number of years now.  But were you aware that there are some universities have incorporated it into their curricula?  I was surprised to hear that myself as well.  But I think for those who are interested in marketing, particularly online, this could prove to be a valuable thing to learn.

But there seems to be some back and forth on this issues, as some feel that SEO shouldn’t be taught in universities, while others feel that it should.  This question was posted on Moz, and some strong opinions surfaced on the idea that SEO should be included in a person’s formal education.  The topic was breached over at Search Engine Journal in an article, and in the post, it was believed that SEO shouldn’t be taught.

In this situation, we are looking at a piece written for Moz.com, and written by Carla Dawson where it is believed that SEO should be taught to those seeking higher education.  Carla and Alexsej Heinze, who both co-wrote the Moz post, feel strongly about the subject being taught because it can benefit the SEO industry.

Check out the post on the Moz Blog entitled “SEO Teaching: Should SEO be Taught at Universities?” and you’ll read on the pros and cons of SEO being taught in universities, as well as some opinions from those in the industry on the matter.

Moz Blog:  SEO Teaching: Should SEO be Taught at Universities?

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