SEO + UX = Success

Back in the old days, SEO was pretty simple.  Just stuff a page full of keywords, and you were able to rank at number one.  Of course, these days, it isn’t nearly as simple as it was back then.  Now, many other search engines, including Google, literally take hundreds of different factors into account when determining what pages will rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

This current reality means that elements of user experience (UX) have been rolled into SEO best practices.  Is your site easy to navigate?  Is the content of your site of high quality, making visitors what to stay and engage?  Is your site fast, mobile-friendly and secure?

One way to think of the partnership of SEO and UX  is this – SEO targets search search engines, while UX targets your website’s visitors.  SEO and UX both share a common goal of giving users the best experience.

In a Search Engine Land article, written by , you’ll find some common website elements that impact both the SEO and user experience.  Sherry explains how SEO and UX work together to help both search and users.

[Read the article here on Search Engine Land]

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