If you were asked, “What is better, PPC or SEO?”, you probably wouldn’t have a great answer.  In all honesty, it depends on the situation you find yourself in, as well as your objectives and marketplace.

At Bowler Hat, they are quite big into SEO, and for , he feels that organic search delivers more volume at a better cost per lead than paid search.

But, there are new businesses out there that might have hard times getting started with SEO, and paid search can offer a fast track to search marketing if it’s done right.

This is why in Marcus’ opinion, he is going to be looking at the pros and cons of both SEO and PPC as a marketing strategy in his article on Search Engine and.  In his article, he provides tips in choosing the right channel for your business.  Where PPC and SEO are suitabe, he will talk about how to integrate both of them for improved results from your search marketing efforts.

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