SEOs Get A Déjà Vu As They Notice Weekend Google Core Algorithm Updates

Google thumb This weekend, SEOs and webmaster reported major ranking changes in Google, and it seemed to be a repeat of the week before, when people noticed something was going on behind the scenes with the core algorithm.

And again, just like the first weekend when this happened, Google did let the public know about their ongoing updates to the Core Algorithm.  To help clear up any confusion, Gary Illyes from Google notified folks via Twitter this morning that the fluctuations seen this weekend were “core algorithm” and “not Penguin.”

As many people in the industry know, we are expecting a Google Penguin update, and it’s expected to happen  early this year.  Since these fluctuations over the last couple weekends occurred, many were quick to jump to the conclusion that it was Penguin.

But ultimately, it all comes down to simple core algorithm updates, and has nothing to do with Penguin.

I’m sure we’ll hear about it if Penguin gets a work up by Google.

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