Who here is using the internet right now?  All of you?  Great!  Because that would be just a little weird if you found yourself reading this and you somehow didn’t navigate your way here by using the internet.  So as an internet user, and I’m sure by now you’ve certainly had the time to visit a variety of websites during your years of online tenure, you probably have an idea as to what makes a decently designed website or not.  Heaven knows I’ve run across some poorly designed sites in my day as an internet junkie.

Well, I think we can all agree on the fact that when it comes to our user experience with a website, it all boils down to how well it was designed.  User experience (UX) is the first step in enjoying a website.  It doesn’t matter about how awesome your content strategy is, or how much money you’ve been pouring into online advertising and marketing.  Sure, you’ll draw a lot of people to your site, but if the UX just plain sucks, then you’ll get a lot more than a high bounce rate, you’ll get low points in everything else.  If my experience with your website just sucks, I wouldn’t want to stick around check out your stuff?

I’m sure that if you’re here reading this blog post, you’re probably in the SEO business.  Well, if you’re an SEO, you probably aren’t really looked upon as a UX expert.  So when it comes to trying to prove to your client or boss that the current website doesn’t really stand up as a great user experience, you probably won’t stand an ice cubes chance in Hell that in trying to convince them to change up their site to enhance the overall user experience.

So here is your problem.  How in the world to do you convince your boss or client that their site needs to be worked on to increase the overall UX?   has a solution!  You’ll find a blog post on Moz written by Kristina that delivers to our sweaty little palms ways to prove that that the UX could use a little work!  But what could the solution be?

Easy!  Just go on over to Moz.com, or simply follow the link below to Kristina’s article and read up and enjoy!

Moz Blog: SEOs Know Things about UX: Here’s How to Prove it