Door hanger distribution is fast-growing as one of the most popular marketing choices to reach consumers. With a tangible advertisement in the consumer’s hand, you can grab their attention and persuade a next-step action before they’ve even set the ad down on the counter.

Designing the door hanger to pull the consumer to your website just completes the circle. Using a promotional website URL, or a QR Code that can be scanned with most mobile devices, your customer is 89% (according to studies) more likely to visit your website and learn more about your offer.

Audience Targeting and Tracking
Just like with your website, data is king in knowing how to target your audience. Our distribution team will help you target your ideal audience by customizing distribution campaigns, and selecting the perfect areas of distribution for your business.

All distribution campaigns include GPS tracking, so we can provide you with proof of delivery in the form of GPS mapping, job logs, and detailed field reports. You’ll always know exactly when and where your materials were distributed.

Direct Mail Services
Through our premier partnerships, Thrive also provides a full range of Direct Mail services – from complete print-to-mail campaigns, or we’ll handle just the mailing project if you already have the materials to send. In either case, we’ll fully manage the Direct Mail project for you.

Fulfillment and Kitting
Need fulfillment work, kitting, or light assembly work? We can complete your project or package by offering services as small as collating, to actual product assembly:

Promotional kit collating and kitting
Individualizing bulk material to desired unit size
Kit building for retail Points of Sale
Kitting multiple items, trade shows