Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is an excellent way of determining what’s going on with your site.  In a fairly un-used portion of Google’s tool, you have what is called attribution modeling.  To help break down what that means for some people, an attribution model is either a rule, or a set of rules, that will determine how the credit for sales and conversions will be assigned to touch points in conversion paths

Most of the time when attribution models are used,the results are often misleading.    What makes things worse, the models that are packaged along in GA aren’t all that useful.  If you had the money, to access GA Premium, you’ll gain access to Data-Driven Attribution.  But not everybody can get access to it, due to money restraints.  If you’re one of them, there are other ways of getting around this.

 has written a post for Moz that should help you get started with setting up some custom attribution in Google Analytics based on the data you already have access to.  If you’d like to read up on Tom’s explanation on how to make some non-arbitrary custom attribution models, follow the link below to find out more.

MozBlog: How to Set Up Meaningful (Non-Arbitrary) Custom Attribution in Google Analytics