So, you’ve been using Twitter for a while now.  You think you have everything down with this 140 character social feast, don’t you?  You use it for both being social, as well as for business.  But I think it’s high time we learn a little bit more about Twitter, what do you say?  Today, we’re going to be learning about Lead Generation Cards (LGC) and how we can add them to our tweets.

What is a lead generation card in Twitter some of you ask?  A LGC in Twitter is a form that you can attach to your tweet that allows your followers to send you their contact info directly.

Here is an example of a LGC:


In case you’re interested,   has a nice post for you all to check out that talks about LGC for Twitter and how you can set it up for free on your account.

Yup.  Free.

It’s possible, actually possible, to add a LGC to a regular non-promoted tweet that doesn’t cost any money.  How cool is that?  This is going to make your Twitter account look a lot cooler and more professional.

Check out Dana’s article by following the link below!

You Moz: How to Set Up & Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards In Your Tweets for Free!