Setting Up 4 Key Customer Loyalty Metrics in Google Analytics

Loyalty What is customer loyalty?  Customer loyalty is the result of a consistently positive emotional emotional experience, as well as well as a physical attribute-based satisfaction and perceived value of an experience, which includes product or services that are being sold to you.  The key attribute to loyalty is your emotions.  Love is an emotion, and you love your family, don’t you?  In that case, you are also loyal to them as well.

It’s the same thing with business.  Maybe not with the family love part, but certainly with the emotional connection you have with a product or service that a business is selling.  In order to build customer loyalty between you, the business, and them, the customer. you have to build an emotional bond with those customers.  You want them to love what you do and what your selling.

When it comes to business, you certainly want to make sure you find a way to obtain their loyalty to your brand.  But there’s more to it than that if you want to actually track the data of their loyalty.  That’s where it can get a bit hard.  Sure, you can send out questionnaires to your customers and the like, but the customer’s claimed loyalty that they provide may not completely correlate with their actual loyalty.  Besides, doing it this way on a regular basis can get a bit expensive.

Luckily, it is possible to track customer loyalty metrics through Google Analytics.  But how do you go about setting them up to work well to give you accurate data on a customer’s loyalty to your brand?  Luckily, Tom Capper has some information for us on that.  Tom wrote an article for the Moz Blog that helps us set up 4 key metrics for customer loyalty in Google Analytics.  This way, we can get a better idea of how good our customer’s loyalty is.  Is their loyalty up to snuff?  Is it as good as we want it?  This will help us find out.

Check out Tom’s article by going to Moz.com, or by following the link provided below to the specific article.

Moz Blog: Setting Up 4 Key Customer Loyalty Metrics in Google Analytics