Seven Features Hidden In AdWords That Can Make Your Life Easier

Google adwords As SEOs, I’m sure it’s safe to say that a incredible number of you probably use AdWords.  After all, it makes it pretty difficult to do your job if you’re not fully utilizing the tool to get the most out of Google’s search engine.  To somebody like Frederick Vallaeys, who is always trying to improve Optmyzer, uses AdWords all the time.

Since Fredrick is always trying to find ways to take Optmyzer to the next level in usability for account management, and because he’s using AdWords so much, he’s found a number of small tricks that can your life easier when it comes to using the tool.  At this point, the tips he gives aren’t document that well, but even then, they can still be quite useful.

In Fredrick’s post on Search Engine Land, you can check out his favorite tips for using Adwords to make your life easier.  Check out his tips by following the link below to his Search Engine Land post!

Search Engine Land: 7 Hidden Features In AdWords To Make Your Life Easier