Seven Videos To Kickstart Your Video Strategy

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Video_iconVideo has become more and more important of a good marketing strategy these days.  A large number of businesses, companies and organizations utilize video to help garner the attention of their target audience.  But why video?

First of all, just look at YouTube.  The video website is the number two search engine in the world.  Why are we drawn to video?  According to Susan Weinschenk Ph.D,  has given us four reasons why we all like watching videos.

1.  There is a brain function that hard-wires people to make information more believable when we see a human face.

2.  The human voice is a very important part of conveying information.  A person’s voice actually has a way of turning basic information into something more meaningful to us.

3.  Emotions are more than mere expressions on how we feel.   Human emotions are a subtle , but appealing thing.

4.  Things that are moving tend to get noticed a lot easier than stationary things like text.  Grabbing the attention of people is certainly a key thing here, isn’t it?

The issue for many isn’t knowing the value of video, it’s how and where to get started.  Fergus Dyer-Smith, the founder of Wooshii, has helped hundreds of companies embark on their video production ventures.  Because of this experience, Fergus and Wooshii have discovered that there is a handful of key video types that can help the most when it comes to positively impacting people.  In his article, Fergus highlights these video types, and hopefully, they will be of some use to those of you in need of video project help.

YouMoz: Seven Videos To Kickstart Your Video Strategy

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