twitter-logoSunday, January 24 saw an exodus of at least four executives from Twitter to find their own ways, and most of the news came directly through Twitter itself.  These executives were rumored to have been the heads of engineering, product, media and Vine.

Jack Dorsey posted hours later that these individuals left the company on their own:


Those who were confirmed to have left includes:

  • Katie Stanton – Head of Twitter’s media department
  • Alex Roetter – Head of the engineering division
  • Jason Toff – Head of the Vine product
  • Kevin Weil – Head of product

There’s the possibility that the VP of Human Resources, Skip Schipper, who was mentioned in Dorsey’s post, may be the fifth employee to have left Twitter.

The reasoning behind the executives have left the company are each of his or her own, but most chose to focus on family.  Toff left a tweet saying that he was leaving Twitter to work on VR at Google.  Staton wrote a post on Medium sayiing that she wanted to focus on family, as she’s a mother of three.  Roetter tweeted that he will is going to focus on his family as well, and Weil did the same.  Currently, Schipper’s reasons are unconfirmed.

Roetter and Weil were important figure heads in the building up of Twitter’s ad products.  Dorsey acknowledged their work on the product by saying that they brought the product from “producing near-zero revenue to the over-$2 billion run rate it is today.”

Adam Bain, the company’s COO, will be given more responsibilities inclusive of Twitter’s ad product, which will fill the void left by Roetter and Weil.  There will be other executives that will step in to help fill in the gaps.  Adam Messinger, CTO, will handle engineering and consumer product design and research, user services and Fabric.  Also, Twitter is said to be set to announce a new media personality who will be joining the company’s board of directors yesterday, January 25.

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