positivitysmileIf you’re a business selling something, chances are you have a brand.  For most businesses, a brand is very important.  Without it, your business doesn’t really have much of a presence with the customer.

According to Jerry Mclaughlin of Forbes, “Your “brand” is what your prospect thinks of when he or she hears your brand name.  It’s everything the public thinks it knows about your name brand offering—both factual (e.g. It comes in a robin’s-egg-blue box), and emotional (e.g. It’s romantic).  Your brand name exists objectively; people can see it.  It’s fixed.  But your brand exists only in someone’s mind.”  For the source, check out Jerry’s full article here.

This is why you need to develop not just a brand, but an attitude for your brand.    Your brand attitude is very important, and  is here to show you how to shape it.  In his article on Marketing Land, Neil will share his tips for those looking to successfully build and shape their personal brand.  To check out the tips that Neil brings to the table, check out his article by following the link below.

Marketing Land: How To Shape Your Personal Brand Attitude