The web has become the Visual Web for a number of brands, where images are the big thing, and is the key currency of communication.

In order to help brands take advantage of this visual currency, ShareIQ, a visual content performance platform, is release a new data product this week, which they are calling Custom Audiences, allowing users to create targetable user segments based on images seen.

Thomas Burg, the VP of Marketing, said his company is “the first to allow you to create audiences based on people who have interacted with or viewed images.”

A brand does a keyword search of the ShareIQ database, which has over 850 billion images that have been pulled from websites, blogs, social networks and other sources.  There are some images that are related to ShareIQ’s brand clients, but many of them aren’t related.

The keywords have either been added manually by brands to images, or they have been added by the ShareIQ platform itself through machine vision that sorts them into predetermined categories.

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