Sharethrough Launches Native Advertising Cards Across Mobile Sites And Apps

Multicore mobile tablet Sharethought, the native in-stream advertising platform, launched support for dynamic native advertising cards across mobile publishers using the service today.

With this service, advertisers are able to repurpose content, such as videos, images, music ahdn artocles into dynamic ads in feeds of over 300 mobile sites and apps.  Examples shown off by Sharethought were cards for Kickstarter, Etsy, and Slideshare, among others on a mock mobile publisher site.

You may ask, what is a card?  Cards were first introduced by Twitter, and are now used across mobile by sites like Facebook, Pinterest and services like Google Now.  Sharethrough VP, Chris Schreiber, said by phone, “We are democratizing cards for publishers and giving them access to what has been only available to leading social platforms and publishers. We are enabling cards at scale across hundreds of publishers.”

Ads will expand to full screen view when clicked, but will also keep users within the mobile experience.  The frequency of the ads are controlled by the publishers.

One of the launch advertisers includes Intel. “Native Cards now allow our teams to take performance even further by customizing the content experience for our audiences regardless of the content type, platform or layout,” said Luke Knitgh, Global Brand Strategist at Intel in a statement.

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