connector-google-sheets-logoGoogle Sheets has become more intuitive and aligned with our working needs. In this episode of Google for Work, we get an inside scoop on the work of a Product Strategist in Google, who is in charge of adapting products such as Google Sheets to new trends and work realities. Their special guest is Luke Leonhard, Google’s Sheets Product Strategist, who shares some tips and tricks on Sheets and tells us how customers can influence this App.

Luke shows us that Sheets is today in line with our work on-the-go: it has become more mobile-friendly and more intuitive to browse from a cell-phone screen. Mobile users will see that Sheets makes intelligent choices when they try to edit cell values: for instance, Sheets will detect which is the best keyboard to display for a data entry (text, numbers, calendar date). Also, checking the sum, average or count of a column is now as simple as selecting cells with your fingertips; and if you want to create a new formula in your spreadsheet you’ll just need to drag and drop this information into a cell. Finally, Luke shows us that it has become easier and quicker to create graphs and charts even from a mobile device, thanks to the “Explore” option. This functionality automatically creates new charts reflecting your Sheets data. You’ll be able to choose a chart and add it to your spreadsheet.

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to contribute in making Sheets even better. Customers can send feedback along every stage of using the product: from questions and feedback when choosing Google Apps for their business, to within the product itself as they use it every day. You can send your suggestions and ideas by using the Feedback feature at any time, from the Sheets “Help” menu.

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