FOMOSo you’re looking at the title of this post, and you’re wondering, “What in the world is “shopper FOMO?”  Well, FOMO is short for “fear of missing out.”  Basically, FOMO is a form of social anxiety.  A person may compulsively concerned that they will be missing out on something, such as a social interaction, a novel experience, or any other sort of even that could be satisfying.  FOMO is something that could be an even greater situation with modern technology, such as mobile phones and social networking services.

With the ability to get so much from the internet, we have become accustomed to being able to easily be a part of things that we normally wouldn’t be apart of.  But, there’s always a negative side to this situation.  Because we have an infinite amount of choices, there will be that anxiety that you may very well be choosing the wrong thing, causing you to miss out on something else that may have been better.  I will admit that I’ve had feelings like this before.  I’m afraid that I will be left behind if I fail to choose the right thing, or anything at all for that matter.

FOMO can be found with many people, for many different reasons, but in this situation, we’re going to be dealing with a specific type of person who suffers from FOMO….the shopper.  In many instances, shoppers have dreaded missing out when searching for products online.  It’s believed by these shoppers that when they search for something, the queries that they enter are being misinterpreted by the search engines, and many products are being filtered out, causing them to miss out on other options that they could have considered.

An article by has been written that centers around this concern that shoppers are missing out on all of their options.

Fortunately, you can find out more information about this situation by following the link below to check out Barbara’s article in full.

Search Engine Land: Shopper FOMO – What Is It & Are You Dealing With It Appropriately?