google-thumbSeptember is the month Google Allo was officially launched, and a number of people in the search community are wondering how Allo is going to affect search since you can use @google to search by command or text question from within your conversations with one or a group of people.

Allo has seen over 150K downloads so far on Android devices, a 4-star rating, and 48 percent in an Android Authority poll that says that they use and really enjoy using Allo.  It’s now time to contemplate how it could potentially affect organic and local search.

Kelsey Jones has written up a guide that will help any user optimize their Google Allo Search experience.  Her guide will show how to optimize for local search with reviews and voice commands, and using rich snippets.  And a question that gets answered within the guide is whether or noth AMP will get preference.

To learn about these things, check out Kelsey’s guide by following the link provided below:

Search Engine Journal: A Short Guide to Google Allo Search Optimization