Should You Pay For SEO Hourly, Monthly Or By The Project?

Seo money When you’re doing SEO, have you ever had to make the decision of how you wanted to charge for your services?  Deciding on the best plan of action can be difficult, given the situation.  Should you charge by the hour?  How about charge per month?  Or should you simply charge per project?

There was research done by Cluch.co, a research firm, and they just published their 2015 review of the top SEO companies, where they included the hourly rates for many of the firms they reviews.  This information has created a buzz in the SEO world, as it’s now giving more people a broader picture of how some firms are charging per hour for their SEO services.  This has got some businesses asking how the hourly model could compare to hiring somebody in SEO on a monthly or project-by-project basis.

Naturally, the idea of SEO pricing an payment models have been a talking point for a number years now, and the newest data from Clutch.co has has begun the point of discussion all over again.

So what should you do when it comes to charging a client for the SEO work that you do?  Obviously, it depends.  It depends on the project, as well as the business itself.  Of course, each type of method has its pros and cons, so one charging method isn’t really any better than the other.  It all depends on the situation.

 has written a post for Search Engine Land that covers the topic of SEO payment, and gives us his firsthand experience in the matter.  John gives his insight on the matter and takes a closer look at what each option offers.

Check out John’s post by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Should You Pay For SEO Hourly, Monthly Or By The Project?