Simple Tips For Creating An About Page That Works For Your Brand

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About usMost websites these days have some sort of About Us page to tell visitors about that company’s brand and mission statement.  Although we know that’s all well and good for any site, it’s also one of the biggest pains to write.  That can be a shame since analytics have shown that this page is one of the most frequently visited page on many sites.  This is why it’s important not just to create an About Us page, but to make sure it’s done right.

So now that we know the importance of this page is important, it’s time to create it.  This is where things get difficult.  It can be hard striking the right balance between selling yourself to your customers, and using a self-focused approach, which could cause people to want to run.  This is why the About Us page can neglected and not put up onto the pedestal where it belongs.

In an article written by Ben Austin, he writes about nine tips that can help anybody make an About Us page that can work for any brand.  Check out his post on the Moz Blog, using the following link!

Moz Blog: 9 Simple Tips For Making An About Us Page That Works For Your Brand

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