apple-tv-siri-weatherDuring the Apple event on Wednesday, a new Apple TV was debuted, and with it, was a completely overhauled remote that puts Siri and search at our disposal.

In order to use this new function, you would press the Siri button on the remote and say “Hey, Siri.”  With that, you can search across multiple content apps and pull up information, all while watching a show, movie, or listening to music.

As an example, during the show, Apple asked Siri what the weather is in Juno, Alaska, and at the bottom of the screen, an overlay appeared, showing the weather information.  This would happen all that without interrupting the show.  If you wanted more weather details, you could swipe up on the new glass touch surface area on the remote.  At this point, the movie would pause, and the screen would fill up with a more complete weather forecast.

Of course, there are more things you can ask Siri, such as sports scores.  This feature is similar to what Google is doing with Now On Tap and Microsoft is doing with Bing Snapshots.  The idea behind this new feature is to provide answers and more content without having to stop what you’re watching on your show.

Search has certainly expanded from your traditional view of online information gathering.  Rather than going to a specific destination to find your information, the information you want can be gathered without breaking any other immersion from your current activity.

When asking Siri for information, Siri will be able to search for content across these Apple TV services:

  • iTunes
  • Netflix
  • Showtime
  • Hulu

Another neat feature includes the ability to see what a person said on their show or movie, in case you don’t understand what they said, or you missed it.  Siri will automatically go back seven seconds and temporarily display closed captions for that portion of the dialogue.


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