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*30, 75, and 120 minutes are exclusive to each membership level and can not be combined. Time allotment is approximate for each individual situation.

How do the Small Business Plans Work?

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Small Business Online Marketing Plan Description

Why should large, multi-million dollar businesses be the only ones to get our expert services?  Thrive’s president, and 16 year online marketing veteran, Scott Orth, has answered the call and leveled the playing field.

Now, even the smallest of businesses can afford one-on-one expert consulting in the areas of:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Usability
  • Conversion Enhancement
  • Online Profit Growth

The structure is simple:

  1. Choose your package and sign up
  2. Receive a private email from Thrive with personal assistance to setup reporting and necessary account access
  3. Schedule your first one-on-one expert consulting session with online marketing veteran and expert, Scott Orth
  4. We’ll set you up with private access to our full tool suite, using exclusive data from Raven, Moz, Majestic, and more!
  5. We will provide reports, insights, consulting and training via email, phone, or Skype – whichever fits you best.
  6. You get results… guaranteed!*

Small Business Online Marketing Plan FAQ's

Who are the Small Business Online Marketing Plans for?

These plans are perfect for small businesses that need a little direction, startup businesses with little budget, or even agencies who need a couple hours or less per month of expert consulting for their clients.

What is included in the low-cost plans?

The primary deliverable of these plans is our consultation. The second is an exclusive set of tools and reports to help you gauge your businesses success.

Our incredible, insightful tool suite combines data from several subscription-based tools like Moz, Majestic, Calais, and more. Similar data would cost you at least $200/mo to get on your own.

The Small Business Plans are targeted for the needs of business or website owners who have other means of implementing our recommendations. We’ll consult you and tell you what is needed. And then you make the actual change, or have your developer do it for you (or we can do implementation for you upon request, and for an additional fee).

What is NOT included in the Small Business Plans?

Implementation is not included (but is available for an additional fee). We will recommend changes to website pages, code, layout, social media method, email marketing strategies, and the like. It is up to you to employ our recommendations. We’re able to keep these small business plans high-value/low cost by giving you expert consultation and letting you put the changes in place. If you need implementation, we can provide these services on an hourly or project fee basis.

What if I need more than 2 hours per month of consulting?

No problem. We can set up easy payments if you need more time. Or, you can contact us for full professional campaigns if your needs are greater than our Small Business plans offer.

What's the difference between Small Business and Full Professional Campaigns?

Our full campaigns are custom designed for your needs. Most have a base of SEO, and then utilize PPC, Social Media, and Email Marketing as well. These campaigns start at $800 per month and include an array of services that we perform week after week to build success. These campaigns typically include full consultation, weekly work, and implementation and management of all services.

Our Small Business plans are structured to be at your beck and call, when you need us. Call or email when you have a question. Use your time for training, or for us to research needs, or for one-on-one consulting. But other than reports, we do not fulfill a certain set of tasks or services each week. Think of our small business plans as a bit more like a pre-paid phone plan. You pay a lower monthly fee, and use us for our expertise when you need it.

Do hours rollover to the next month if unused?

We allow up to 50% of your hours to be rolled over to the next month. However, we must limit rollovers to one month each. Thus, if in July you only use 30 minutes of your 60 minute allotment, you can rollover the left over 30 minutes. But they must be used the following month. We do not allow rollover stacking.

Do you offer a guarantee?

YES! Guarantees are tricky with online marketing, because many things (like SEO) can’t truly be guaranteed.  But we’ve been doing this a LONG time and we have a proven record of success in every aspect of Internet business. Therefore, we’re happy to guarantee that our expert consulting and assistance will help improve your business! If we fail, we’ll give you your next month free, or refund your current month’s membership. *see guarantee details for more information.


*Guarantee of success, and monthly refund or credit is offered for small business consulting plans only (not professional level plans). There is a great deal of work put into everything we do. Though we have a long track record of success, and we have proven methods to ensure the greatest possible level of success… we realize there is a potential that somewhere along the line we won’t be able to create success for someone. If this happens, we’re happy to refund the current month’s membership for you, or give you the next month for free. It’s that simple.