Nobody said that running your own small business is easy.  A number of businesses will fail in their first year, and even more won’t reach the five-year mark.  Even those businesses that are established have a good chance of failing because they are not able to adapt to changing times.

Marketing is a difficult thing, and when you talk about digital marketing, it’s even more so.  The nature of SEO can be the most difficult form of marketing for any business.  But if you can manage to make good use of SEO, there is little that can compete with the greatness that is organic search visibility to promote your small business.  Due to organic listings and how much people are online, it can really really help build trust with local customers.  And any business knows that the best relationships are built on trust.

There is an article posted on Search Engine Land by  where he shares everything that they’ve learned working on hundred of small business SEO projects.

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