With the latest in a growing number of studies on virtual assistants and voice search, Adobe Digital Insights (ADI), found that the sales of “voices assistants grew about 103% in Q4 versus a year ago.  79 percent of these sales took place in the fourth quarter.

Data from both ADI and other third-party analyst firms justify the assertion that smart speakers were the fastest-selling consumer technology last year.  This outpaced both wearables and VR.

The analsys from ADI is based on retail sales data and a survey of over 1,000 US consumers.  The study says that over 50 percent of smart speaker consumers use them at least daily.  22 percent said that they also shop using voice commands.

Source: Adobe Digital Insights (2018)

According to ADI, 72 percent of respondents considers voice recognition capabilities to be “good.”  Compare that to 4 percent who said they were “poor.”  16 percent that they are embarrassed to voice commands in front of others.

ADI found the most common uses for voice assistants were the following:

  1. Listening to music
  2. Checking weather
  3. “Asking fun questions”
  4. “Researching”

Smart speakers were an incredibly popular gift items this holiday season, which is how many consumers are being introduced to voice assistants.  Canalys, an analyst firm, said that about 35 million smart speakers shipped in 2017  This suggests that the market is possibly closer to even greater than 50 million devices.

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