mobilegeddon-smartphone-ss-1920Ever since Mobilegeddon, there has been a lot of talk about whether and how much websites were affected by Google’s Mobile-Friendly algorithm update.  There have been studies done on the subject, including one written by  that argued that non-mobile-friendly sites were disappearing from the top positions in mobile search results.

It looks like there’s one more study for us to look at, all done by a small business mobile site developer called Duda.  The developer looked at 4,700 small business websites hosted on their platform that took advantage of mobile-friendliness.  Duda kept an eye on these sites for six weeks before and after the Mobile Friendly Update too place to see what changed.

The findings were interesting, as Duda saw that these SMB sites saw an almost 11 percent (10.8 percent to be specific) increase in page views after Mobilegeddon.  The biggest surprise is that sites with the smallest traffic level before the update saw the largest gains after the Mobile-Friendly Update took place.


When asked in an email exchange if there was any difference between the performance of mobile-only and mobile-responsive SMB in their tests, Duda CEO Sadan said between him and ,

“We didn’t find data that would be statistically significant enough to reach any conclusion on this topic.”

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