small businessIn a time long ago, (perhaps several years ago) the issue of using search ads by small or local businesses were a bit up in the air.  They would wonder if it’s even worth trying to buy them, as they were already facing the hassle of setting up an ad campaign on a platform that was a bit foreign to them.  After all, the business would have would have to wonder what benefit was the advertiser actually getting based on the cost to them.

Putting a value on a click can be difficult to assess if you’re not an online business.  Imagine if you weren’t into online marketing or SEO at all.  You’d be questioning the amount of spending you’d put into online advertising.  Everybody’s top concern is the all important ROI.  Who can blame them?  When you have a small business and an over-abundance of spending and not enough return can really hurt.

 brings to the table a column he wrote for Search Engine Land that shows why now is the time businesses should embrace search advertising.  At this point, unlike it was years ago, it’s easier to use, more affordable, and is even more relevant to small and local businesses, as more and more people are going online, both from their computers and from mobile.

To check out John’s column, follow the link below:
The Time Is Now To Embrace Search Advertising If You’re An SMB