SMPTE, the standards body for entertainment technology, recently issued two new standards that will support online content and ads synchronized between multiple screens.

Not only that, these standards could possibly make it easier for marketers to track where their programs or ads appear, such as on television, over-the-top (OTT) TV, websites, apps or the like.

The new standards were issued earlier this month, and is called TAXI Complete (a free white paper is available, but registration is required).  TAXI Completes  advocates are touting it as the UPC (Universal Product Code, the ubiquitous bar code on virtually every physical product) for tracking video across platforms.

It takes two existing tracking identifiers — Ad-ID for ads and EIDR (Entertainment Identifier Registry) for program content — and specifies how they can become part of the audio track of any video program or video ad. One standard identifies the ad or program, and one identifies where the ad or program is shown.

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