On April 26, Snapchat announced that it is launching Snap Select, which will give advertisers who use the platform’s six second non-skippable Commercial ads access to premium video inventory.

A lot of time and effort has been up into building out Discover programming options by Snap. these options include over 450 premium content channels worldwide from outlets like NBCUniversal, ESPN, BuzzFeed, Viacom, Discovery and Refinery29.

Over the last year, time spent watching Shows on Snapchat has tripled. Almost half of its daily Discover viewers watched content on the platform every day of the week last quarter.

Advertisers, with Snap Select, will have access to the app’s top video content , as well as the ability to reserve Commercials inventory to run at certain times at a fixed CMP within Ads Manager.Snap will also be releasing a list of Shows connected to the premium inventory where Commercial ads are eligible to run. This makes the program transparent to advertisers.

“Snap Select gives marketers and agencies access to reserve inventory in the most premium, popular shows on Snapchat, and a direct path to reach Millennial and Gen Z audiences that are increasingly difficult to reach elsewhere. We’re thrilled with our ability to deliver ROI with non-skippable, full-screen Commercials, with sound on and at scale,” said Snap VP of global agency partnerships David Roter.

A new “Proposals” feature will allow media to buyers review and approve their Snap Select plans using a “one-click” tool without having to login to Ads Manager.

SourceAmy Gesenhues