Earlier this year, it wasn’t any secret that Snap Inc had struggled in they eyes of investors since their IPO.  Even though their stock price dropped, Snapchat’s Ad features and functionality have had some pretty major upgrades.  On Friday, Snapchat announced a new Advanced Mod for Ad Manager that seems to copy Facebook’s Power Editor.

This tool helps users automate time-intensive tasks.  The goal is to help advertisers scale their efforts.  This includes:

  • Bulk campaign & ad set creation
    Advertisers will be able to instantly create campaigns, ad sets and ads by using a spreadsheet and importing directly into Ads Manager.
  • Audience library
    Now Snapchat audience lists can be created and saved. This will be a boon for marketers, as it will significantly cut down on future setup efforts.
  • Media library
    A library now exists where advertisers can store videos, images and ads for quick use on future campaigns.
  • Automatic ad permutation testing
    This tool allows for the creation of hundreds of permutations of ad creative and custom audience variations.
  • Better reporting
    Now reports have in-table pivoting across all dimensions and the ability to customize exports.

For Snapchat, this is a big step, as it takes their ad platform to the next level from an ease-of-use standpoint, inching farther from manual effort.

Advanced Mode is active for select advertiser and will have a wider release this month.  If you’d like to enable Advanced Mode, click on Advanced inside Ads Manager.

For more information, see the official blog post from Snapchat.

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