14.10.13_Snapchat_photo_leak-1840x814There is something new with Snapchat, which allows users to get a different angle and perspective on a particular story, and it’s called “Story Explorer.”  With this new feature, Users will have the option to explore a specific story by swiping up when an “Explore” tab is present on a particular story.

What Story Explorer does is use technology to add a different point of view to a story.  As an example, during a football game, if you watch an especially great touchdown on Snapchat, you can watch it again from a different point of view across the stadium.  Story Explorer brings more layers to stories, an option that Twitter does not have.

This new Snapchat feature sounds like a very cool feature, and if done right, more people might want to check out the app.  Imagine the possibilities when used creatively by brands and companies, especially those who run live events.

Check out the official post from Snapchat for more information.

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