Snapchat has decided to change the name of its Promoted Stories, now calling it Story Ads, making them available programmatically via its  self-serve ads manager.

Something that was only available to advertisers as a fixed slot near the top of Snapchat’s Discover feed, Story Ads are now going to include the same targeting options and auction-based pricing as Snap Ads.  Snap Ads have been available in the platform’s self-serve ad tool since last June.

The difference between Story Ads and Snap Ads is that Story Ads are exclusive to the Discover feed, and gives advertisers the chance to purchase a Discover tile that includes three to 10 Snaps.  If you’re viewing a Story Ad, you can swipe up to see more content from the advertiser.

Advertisers, with the targeting options available in the ads manager, will be able to build a campaign around their Story Ads using over 500  of Snapchats predfined audiences.

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