14.10.13_Snapchat_photo_leak-1840x814There is some new data that’s been shared by the Wall Street Journal that centers around the popularity of Snapchat.  Based on this data, there’s indication that it’s starting to creep into the older generation.

Since Snapchat first became popular, it was used mainly by teens, and they’re finding this move quite strange.


It’s not just the WSJ saying this either, as this data was being reported by comScore too.  According to comScore, the vast majority (38 percent) of US smartphone users who use Snapchat are between 25 to 34, and 14 percent are 35 and older.

It’s almost as if Snapchat is following the same trend as other social media networks did (such as Facebook) where the older generation seems to sneak in after the younger generation helped build up steam for the service.  According to the WSJ article, there are some who state that parents scare off kids from Facebook, this may not be the situation with Snapchat, as the communications are more private.

As far as the younger users are concerned, they seem to find parents coming onto Snapchat as a bit strange.  One 18 year old said that “it’s weird,” when his 56 year old mother joined him to post cat photos.

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