In the first quarter of 2020, Snapchat has gained 11 million daily active users, which brings the total to 229 million users. 11 million daily users (DAUs) represents an increase of 20% over last year.

Engagement has hit some highs as well, as over 4 billion Snaps were created each day in Q1 2020.

With people coming to Snapchat in order to stay in touch with others during the pandemic, the company published data about how user’s online activity is changing during this time.

Here are some hightlights:

People have turned to Snapchat in order to remain connected with others when they can’t be there face to face.

Voice and video call time has increased over 50% during late March compared to late February. During this period, group chat engagement has reached an all time high. The amount of snaps between friends reached highs as well. This exceeds the typical peaks on Christmas and other big holiday.

Snapchat users have found new ways to stay occupied on the platform. Time spend with games, AR lenses, and Shapchat shows have gone up.

“We’re seeing highly elevated engagement in Snap Games, with our highest figures since launch for overall time spent, player count, and usage of in-game social features like Voice and Chat.”

Because of the quarantine, users have spent more time playing around with Snapchat’s various lenses. Usage is up 25% during late March compared to late February.

According to the company, time spent watching Snapchat Shows is higher than it’s ever been. Specifically, that includes content within the News, Health & Wellness, and Gaming categories.

Snapchat has released data on what users are doing off the platform, according to survey and location data gathered in mid-March.

Snapchat users are staying inside:

  • 73% Lower University and School Attendance
  • 29% Fewer Bar Visits
  • 22% Fewer Air Travelers
  • 59% Fewer Music Venue Visitors
  • 41% Fewer Gym Trips

Snapchat users are changing their habits:

  • 62% are streaming more
  • 21% are shopping more
  • 38% are gaming more
  • 23% are ordering more food delivery

Snapchat users are consuming more content:

  • 39% are consuming more online news
  • 39% are watching more TV
  • 29% are spending more time on social media

But, despite the platform’s increased usage, ad revenue is down month over month. Snapchat’s year over year growth in ad revenue from January and February reached 58%, which has dropped to 25% in March.

As Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel notes, advertising is down due to the pandemic:

“While many advertising budgets declined due to COVID-19, we experienced high revenue growth rates in the first two months of the quarter which offset our lower growth in March.

These high growth rates in the beginning of the quarter reflect our investments in our audience, ad products, and optimization, and give us confidence in our ability to grow revenue over the long term.”

Spiegel remains confident, however, saying the company will shift resources as necessary to better serve advertisers.

SourceMatt Southern