20-social-media-iconsIn this day and age, with all the computers, laptops and especially mobile devices, we all love our social media, don’t we?  Social media is a great place for everybody to get the low down on what our friends, news, as well as other interests.  It’s a place where we can all feel connected to others, as well as staying connected to your favorite brands.

But it seems every time a new year comes around though, people say that social media will unseat the tried and true methods for customer service.  After all, it’d be a great place for easy access to those brands people love, right?  But it seems that there is a survey from M2Talk that says differently.  According to this survey, we aren’t even close to having social media take over as THE source for customer service.

A survey was taken by 1,000 adults over 25 years old, and it was shown that the most popular form of customer service contact was the phone (33.5%), followed insanely close by email (32.5%).  Where did social media find itself as a source of customer service?  At the bottom of the list…at only 2%.  Ouch.


No only is social media not the primary form of contact, but a quarter of the respondents don’t use it for customer service at all.  When looking at those polled who were over 55 years in age, the number climbed even higher with 39.7%.  These folks say that they haven’t used a social site for a customer service related inquiry.

This doesn’t really mean social media is a bad place for customer service, as a number of brands don’t even leverage social media for customer service complaints.  By not engaging in customer service socially, this can significantly decrease the overall medium as the go-to source.

For more information see the full Consumer Behavior and Customer Service report on M2Talk.


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