PodcastThere are countless podcasts available to users on the internet that range in topics from cooking, entertainment, business and more.  Even if we narrowed the category down to just digital marketing, there would be a ton of different podcasts to choose from.  Which ones should you focus on listening to?  What podcasts present the best information for digital marketers?

Recently, an article was released on 15 Search Podcasts that lead to a lot of suggestions and questions around the availability of good digital marketing podcasts in general.  As a follow-up, Erin Robbins O’Brien has compiled 18 digital and social media marketing podcasts that you should add to your podcast playlist.  Regardless of if your fan of podcasts or not, you should try some of these podcasts out.  You may just become a fan of these podcasts.

The lists that Erin provides includes a mix of long-running shows, newer additions, and they all have varying lengths and formats.  This should give everybody some options and variety.

Check out Erin’s list of her recommended podcasts by going to her article!  Check it out below!

Search Engine Journal: Social Media Marketing Podcasts You Should Know