More retro clipart at I seem to be on a roll with writing blog posts that are centered around writing great content.  Well, this post will not be any different.  So let’s get on with the post, shall we?

Our original thinking on writing content was that all you had to do to get ranked on search results was to pack your posts with targeted keywords.  Sure, that worked at first.  But these day, it isn’t happening so much.  We’ve moved on.  We’ve grown up.  In truth, it’s really all Google’s doing with their crazy new algorithms that actually make us NEED to write great content, instead of just putting a bunch of keywords in your writing.

But some companies have actually done something a little different with their content marketing.  They spend thousands of dollars that will go towards the creation of exclusive tools, content and videos.  Although they may take a bit of a loss in the end, the money spent on this venture still ends up being good, as they are seen as a good investment for marketing purposes.

 has written a post on Marketing Land that focuses on a healthy spend level on content marketing and why it’s a good thing.  By spending fairly generously, the exposure you end up getting can well be worth the money.  So check out Jordon’s post on Marketing Land by following the link below!

Marketing Land: Why Spending Big On Extraordinary Content Marketing Is A Good Bet