content-curationBefore we get things started, we should probably define the term ‘content curation’ so we can all make sure we are on the same page.  Basically, a content curator’s job is to collect blog posts, videos, images and anything else that is related to the niche that they are working under.  It’s just like you’d see from a museum curator, except it’s all totally online on a specific website.  Content curation is the process that lets you sort through massive amounts of information found online, allowing you to compile the best stuff around a particular theme.  From that point, the best content will be re-shared, while including some annotations of their own.

Context curation provides context and convenience

What makes content creation a good thing?  Well, first of all, content curation can provide context and convenience.  With all the content around the web these days, you have to really search and search to find something worth your time to read.  But with the help of content curators, with all the time and efforts they put into finding content for you, the information that will be presented to you will be much better and more useful to readers.

Content curation isn’t overwhelming

With the incredible amount of information found on the web, especially now, there is always a chance of information overload.  With the helping hand of curation, content that is found on curated sites will help organize the good stuff, and make it easier to shift through and find the quality stuff you’re looking for.

Content curation can build authority

by locating and reformatting content in a way that remains relevant to the readers, content curators are able to build a more authoritative voice.  The authority that is gained by being a content curator comes from the fact that curators help people gain a better understanding of issues that are confusing.  Ultimately, it’s not so much of content curation itself, but it’s how you use curated content to help engage target audiences, while informing and education them.  Oh yeah, and entertaining them is great too!

Content curation and SEO

If you can manage to pull off well done content curation,can actually have a postive impact for search engine optimization.  by embedding curation content within your own content,can make the experience that much more valuable to your readers.  While people can and do use content curation for SEO reasons, you’ll probably need to remember that it may not always be the best thing to do, however.  At the very least, don’t use curation as the main reason for your SEO efforts.  You need to remember that in search engine marketing, relevence is the key.  If you use content curation just for the sake of SEO, you may end up hunting links instead of hunting value.  This isn’t really that good of an idea.  The key behind curation is being open and allowing yourself to share your content with others.

In an article written by  on YouMoz, you’ll read up on the best practices, tools and how to do content curation correctly.  If this is something you would like to look into, just follow the link below and read on!

YouMoz: The Spotlight on the Content Curation: Best Practices, Tools and How to Do It Right