Stand Out from the Crowd: Pro Tips for Creating LinkedIn Ads and Content That Engage


LinkedIn has become an indispensable platform for businesses looking to reach their target audiences and drive results. With over 875 million users, it’s the largest professional social network and offers unparalleled access to working professionals around the world.

However, the huge volume of content on LinkedIn also makes it challenging for brands to stand out. The average user sees thousands of posts per week and is bombarded by a relentless stream of ads. Simply publishing a post or running an ad campaign is no longer enough to get noticed.

In this blog post, we’ll share tips and strategies to help your LinkedIn ads and posts break through the noise. First, we’ll look at how to create compelling ad creative that captures attention with strong visuals and copy. Next, we’ll cover optimizing targeting to reach your ideal audience amidst the platform’s hundreds of millions of users.

Finally, we’ll explore best practices for crafting LinkedIn posts and content that sparks engagement and discussion. With over 7 million businesses and 60 million senior influencers on the platform, high-quality content is essential for establishing thought leadership and credibility.

Follow these pro tips and you’ll be on your way to developing LinkedIn ads and posts that stand out from the pack and deliver real impact for your brand. Let’s dive in!

Tips for Creating Effective LinkedIn Ads

Standing out in the crowded LinkedIn ad space takes strategic ad creative and targeting. In this section, we’ll cover tips to make your ads shine and get results, from compelling visuals and headlines to persuasive copy and precision targeting. Follow these best practices when developing your LinkedIn ad campaigns to capture attention, drive engagement, and convert your target audience into customers. With strong creative and smart targeting, your ads will connect with the right professionals and move them towards action.

Use strong visuals

Compelling ad creative is critical for success on LinkedIn. Use high-quality images and video that capture attention and communicate your message visually. Ensure assets are optimized for seamless viewing on mobile.

Tips for great visuals

  • Use eye-catching, high-resolution images (1200 x 627 pixels minimum)
  • Showcase your product/service visually
  • Use images showing real people and emotions
  • Make images uncluttered with engaging colors/fonts
  • Consider cinemagraphs or short videos for added impact

Write clear, benefit-driven headlines

Your headline makes the all-important first impression. Craft a compelling headline focused on your customer, not just your brand. Communicate key benefits clearly in 50-70 characters.

Tips for headlines:

  • Highlight the main value proposition or outcome
  • Use strong verbs/language that compels action
  • Keep it short and scannable on mobile
  • Test different options to see what headline performs best

Use persuasive, concise copy

The ad copy is your chance to convince viewers to click and convert. Use crisp, benefit-oriented copy written for the ideal customer. Call out incentives and include a strong CTA.

Tips for persuasive copy:

  • Focus on customer benefits and how you solve problems
  • Use concise sentences and bullet points for scannability
  • Incorporate social proof like ratings, testimonials, or logos
  • Add scarcity or urgency with time-sensitive offers
  • Include a clear call-to-action that drives conversions

Target strategically

Dial in your targeting to reach your perfect audience amidst LinkedIn’s 740+ million members. Leverage job titles, company names, location, interests, and more.

Tips for targeting:

  • Identify the key traits of your ideal customers
  • Layer on multiple types of targeting for precision
  • Review ads library for suggested target options
  • Monitor performance and optimize over time
  • Expand targeting once creative & messaging is refined

Tips for Creating Engaging LinkedIn Posts

Engaging your audience is crucial for success on LinkedIn. To break through the noise and get more eyes on your content, you need to master the art of creating captivating posts. In this section, we’ll share top tips for crafting LinkedIn posts that spark discussion and drive meaningful engagement within your professional network. From sharing valuable insights to leveraging visual media to writing conversationally, these proven best practices will help you develop content people want to like, comment on, and share.

Share valuable content

When sharing content on LinkedIn, focus on providing truly useful information and insights instead of obvious promotional content. For example, share relevant articles, case studies, how-to guides, and other educational resources that will help solve your audience’s problems or provide valuable lessons. Useful content that teaches readers something new is more likely to get engagement.

Use strong visuals

Posts with eye-catching visuals tend to perform better than text-heavy posts. Use high-quality images, charts, infographics, and videos to make your posts more visually compelling. The right visuals can help convey emotions, demonstrate your ideas, and break up large blocks of text. Just ensure the visuals directly support the topic of your post.

Ask thoughtful questions

Well-crafted questions invite your audience to share experiences, opinions, and advice in the comments. Ask open-ended questions related to topics your audience cares about. Polls and surveys can also spark engagement by allowing interactive participation. Respond to comments and have a conversation.

Use relevant hashtags

Including appropriate hashtags allows your content to be discovered by people interested in those topics. Research hashtags used by your audience and industry influencers. Strategically include the most popular and relevant ones to expand your reach.

Engage with your network

Comment on and share content from other thought leaders in your space. This raises your visibility and positions you as an active community member. Also, respond to any comments and messages you receive. Being helpful and engaging builds connections.

Post consistently

Regular posting helps keep your brand top of mind. Monitor performance metrics to determine what content types, hashtags, etc. resonate best. Test different approaches and timing to find what works for driving engagement. Listen to your audience.

Use a conversational tone

Write your posts in a relatable, human voice to establish trust and rapport with your audience. Avoid overly formal or overly promotional language. Let your unique personality shine through.

Best practices for Crafting LinkedIn Content That Sparks Engagement

Creating content that truly engages your audience is key to success on LinkedIn. This section covers proven best practices to help you craft posts and content that spark meaningful engagement within your professional network. From sharing valuable insights to incorporating visual media to monitoring performance, we’ll outline tips and strategies for developing content that gets more eyes, comments, shares, and overall visibility for your brand. Follow these guidelines to connect better with your audience and boost engagement on LinkedIn.

Share valuable content

Focus on sharing truly useful, relevant content instead of obvious self-promotion. Provide actionable tips, how-to guides, data-driven research, and other educational resources. Helpful content that teaches readers something new or provides solutions is more engaging.

Use strong visuals

Incorporate visual assets like images, charts, videos, and infographics. Visuals make posts stand out in the feed and are naturally more engaging. Ensure they are high-quality and relevant to your messaging. Posts with visuals see higher engagement rates.

Ask thoughtful questions

Well-crafted, open-ended questions spark discussion by inviting audience perspectives, stories, and advice. Make sure they are related to topics your audience cares about. Respond to comments and have a conversation.

Use relevant hashtags

Do research to identify popular hashtags used by your audience and influencers. Strategic use of relevant hashtags expands your reach to new people interested in those topics.

Post consistently

Regular posting keeps your brand top of mind and trains followers to expect new content. Post at least once per weekday, and test different posting times. Analyze performance to determine optimal frequency and timing.

Use a conversational tone

Write conversationally to connect better with your professional audience. Avoid overly formal language and let your unique personality shine through. Being relatable builds rapport.

Proofread thoroughly

Double check for any typos, formatting issues or unclear sentences before publishing. Errors undermine professionalism and credibility.

Analyze performance

Use LinkedIn’s analytics to see which posts resonate best. Identify successes to replicate and underperforming areas to optimize. Continuously refine your strategy based on data.


LinkedIn offers immense opportunities for brands to connect with relevant professionals and drive real business impact. But standing out on the platform requires thoughtful strategy and execution.

By taking the time to craft compelling ad creative with strong visuals and copy, you can capture your audience’s attention in the noisy LinkedIn feed. Targeting your campaigns to precisely reach your ideal customers will ensure your messages resonate.

Sharing valuable insights, incorporating visual assets, and engaging meaningfully on LinkedIn will get your content in front of the right people. Monitor performance closely to continuously refine your approach.

The tips outlined in this post will help you develop ads and content that break through the clutter. By consistently providing value, you can establish yourself as an authority and trusted partner.

Focus on truly understanding your audience, speaking to their pain points and goals. With strategic ads and engaging posts tailored specifically to professionals in your niche, you can spark meaningful engagement on LinkedIn.

Remember – relevance, value, and high quality execution are key. With these best practices, you’re well on your way to ads and content that stand out and deliver results.

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