PPC-blocksWhen it comes to running your SEO campaigns, you always want to make sure you review them on a regular basis.  It’s important to do this every few weeks or every month or so, especially in light of any changes and updates to search.  Keeping up to date with how your campaigns are running could be what keeps your traffic to your website running smoothly, or it could cause them to slow down since they’re not up to date.

 has written a column for Search Engine Land that centers around giving yourself a PPC heath check, especially for the new year.  And you thought we were done talking about starting the new year off with a bang, didn’t you?  Rebekah will be sharing some tips on things to look out for when reviewing your campaigns.

In this first part of her PPC Health Check series, she covers structure, settings, conversion tracking and budgets.

To check out Rebekah’s column, follow the link below.

PPC Health Check: Part 1