Starting Over, Part 2: Launch

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Business-is-openSo, you’ve finally done it.  You’ve built yourself a website, and you’re just brimming with the excitement because you can’t wait to get the site launched.  But, there is always caution to be had here, because as with anything else that you rush into, you could be running into issues if you rush into things.

Some of you may remember that a while, Dr. Peter J. Meyers did a blog post on Moz called, Starting Over, Part 1: A Pre-Launch Checklist, where Dr. Peter began telling the story of starting a blog (MinimalTalent.com) from scratch.  What we have here today, as if you probably could have gathered from the title of this post, is the second part of the Starting Over series of posts, done by Dr. Peter.

In part 1, Google Webmaster Tools was set up, and an XML sitemap was neatly place where it should be on the site.  Now, in part 2, it’s all about getting the site submitted.  In this newest part of Dr. Peter’s series, he describes to us the things he did, and the issues he ran into while trying to get his site up and running.

So what exactly happened?  You can check out Dr. Peter’s Moz Blog post to find out!  Where should you go?  To the link provided below of course!

Moz Blog:  Starting Over, Part 2: Launch

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