Optimize-All-The-ThingsHave you ever thought about starting over on a website?  What are some of the steps that it would take to do such a thing?  In a Moz series written by  entitled “Starting Over,” he has been writing about what it would take to just…begin all over again from scratch.

Here are the links we at Thrive wrote about Dr. Peter’s Starting Over series:

Part 1: Pre-launch Checklist

Part 2: Launch

In part three of the series, it is now time to talk about optimizing the site Dr. Peter has been working on, MinimalTalent.com.  Previously, he showed us the process of getting the blog off the ground, indexed by Google, and finally getting it in the beginning phase of ranking.  In part three, Dr. Peter is going to get rid of some of the rough edges.  This is to prevent any future issues that may arise in terms of SEO.

Check out Dr. Peter’s blog post on optimizing MinimalTalent.com by following the link below to Moz.

Moz Blog: Starting Over, Part 3 – Optimize