google-penaltiesAren’t manual penalties fun?  Don’t they make you just squeak with joy when one hits either you or one of your clients sites?  Actually, I’m pretty confident that the answer to those two questions would be a resounding now.  They are not fun at all.  Not now, not ever, not with green eggs and ham.

In this post, I can say we will have two things to look forward to.  First, we’ll have awesome SEO related content (in this case, a case study of manual penalties and negative SEO), and secondly, an interesting story to go along with it!  Although we won’t be hearing the story directly in this post, I provide a link for you at the bottom of this post that takes you to a YouMoz post written by  that will give you the story, and the SEO elements I told you about just a moment ago.

So, without further adieu, I will present you with the link to YonDotan’s YouMoz blog post, and you can read about his adventures in negative SEO and manual penalties!  So follow the link below to get reading!

YouMoz: A Startling Case Study of Manual Penalties and Negative SEO