boring industriesAs avid users of the internet today, we are driven by fun, exciting and cool content.  When it comes to checking up on services and products, we can see how easy it is to market for certain things, such as movies, video games, skydiving and others.  But what about sites that are geared more towards products and services that many of us would find boring?  How can you get people excited for industries that aren’t exactly as exciting as skydiving, such as vacuum cleaners, auto glass and bug and pest extermination?

It’s obviously not impossible for these types of “boring” industries to get traction, as any successful business is going to be needed at some point, right?  We all will eventually need to do research on a new vacuum cleaner, right?  But in the current search landscape, how would we get one of these industries found by searchers?  High quality content.  Yup.  That’s exactly what we need.

The entire idea is to create content that is not only high quality, but fun, engaging to the reader AND is linkable.  That’s the keyword here, linkable.  That brings us to link building.  How do you help create a link building campaign for those boring industries that centers around a niche service or product?  How can you create excitement over something like very specific machine parts?

 has written a post for Search Engine Land entitled, “A Step-By-Step Guide To Link Building For Boring Industries Or Products,” and as you can tell by that title, he will be guiding you through the link building process for the boring industries of the working world.

Check out Matthew’s post below in the following link

Search Engine Land: A Step-By-Step Guide To Link Building For Boring Industries Or Products