Because the holidays are in full swing and with a week left before Christmas (a of this writing), shoppers are searching for those last few gifts to complete their shopping time for the year.  With this, bands are looking for a way to stand out to consumers.  One great way is to cultivate the people who have already shown an interest in your brand is to, let’s say, have those consumers sign up for your newsletter.  For the sake of ease, let’s call these folks, members.

Marketing to these members (or “early lifecycle marketing”) can be a very important step in the customer journey.  Sure, these people have willingly opened themselves up to communications with you, they haven’t committed to buying anything….yet.  The goal at this point is to build awareness and promote discovery to drive them to make a final purchase.

To check out the five steps you can take to build a program that accelerate that process, check out the Marketing Land post by !  Check out the link below!

Search Engine Land: 5 steps to making ‘SENSE’ of early lifecycle marketing