google-analytics-logoWhen you are using any number of services or programs, filters can be a godsend, especially when the information that is being presented to you is excessive, and thus, completely overwhelming.  This is why filters can be incredibly useful to people who have to deal with a lot of information.

In Google Analytics (GA), referral spam has unfortunately become an issue to a number of webmasters and SEOs.  The referral spam that we end up seeing comes from social buttons, adult sites, and a number of other sources.  The filters that have come out to help combat this spam has become quite as overwhelming as the spam they were created to stop.

But there is always that silver lining that we need to look for, and it seems it’s right in front of us.  I’m talking specifically about a post on the Moz Blog called Stop Ghost Spam in Google Analytics with One Filter by Carlos Escalera.  Here, Carlos focuses on the most common mistakes that people make when they’re combating the spam in GA.  In the post, he explains an efficient way to prevent it.

Check out Carlos’ post to find out not only how to prevent the referral spam, but the different types of spam out there, as well as other resources that can help you manage spam.

Moz Blog: Stop Ghost Spam in Google Analytics with One Filter