If you’re an advertiser who has store visits measurement in your Google Ads account, you are now able to incorporate store visits data into your smart bidding strategies.

With this update, stores with physical locations can optimize with and for foot traffic in addition to online conversions with smart bidding. Smart bidding strategies use machine learning aimed at predicting when a conversion action is most likely and adjust bids at the time of auction accordingly.

Store visits in smart bidding is currently available to advertisers in Search and Shopping campaigns.

Store visits conversions can be incorporated into smart bidding at the account level, although there will be who will want to test it out at the campaign level first. The relatively new campaign-level conversion action setting allows you to do that in Search campaigns. In order to to check it out, you need to contact your Google Ads rep at this point.

For background on Google’s store visits measurement works, see: How Google AdWords Measures Store Visits and Google’s Surojit Chatterjee: Here’s Why You Should Trust AdWords Estimated Store Visits.

SourceGinny Marvin