Study: Consumers Increasingly Turn To Mobile & Varied Media Combinations For The Fincal Sale

Mobile phone When you think about it, it’s hard to believe that the year is almost eight months gone.  That means that we are well over half done with 2014  Not only that, in only four and a half months, we’ll be celebrating Christmas.  We’ll even be preparing for Christmas long before that, probably by the end of October.

Because of this, it’s a smart idea for local advertisers to get ahead of the game and begin thinking about how they will get us to buy their products for the holiday season.  There are a couple things that advertisers need to consider when looking at consumer trends.

1. The continued growth in mobile usage.
2.  The different choices of local media for different business categories.

In a Search Engine Land, a post written by  talks about the statistics that were released by the Local Search Association that was based on 2013 statistics from Search Engine Lands’ “Local Media Tracking Study” that was conducted by Burke, Inc.  This study gives some key insights into a number of local media sources that stretch across computer/laptop, mobile phone/smartphone and tablet.

Ultimately, the study found that more and more consumers are continuously Turing to mobile devices when looking for, and considering local business information or their shopping.  Secondly, consumers utilized quite a few different types of local media to inform them of any purchasing decisions, depending n the business category they are looking at.

What are these two trends good for?  It’s great for those advertisers who want to make the most out of what’s available to them.  How can they adapt their marketing strategies based on this knowledge?

To find out, you can check out Wesley’s post on Search Engine Land by heading over to the site, or click on the link below to go straight to the post.

Search Engine Land – Study: Consumers Increasingly Turn To Mobile & Varied Media Combinations In Last Mile