wikipediaIt was reported about a month ago, by the founder of Wikipedia, that they’ve been losing traffic in Google.  Basically, they’ve been seeing less traffic coming to their website from the organic traffic in Google.

This information was coming from both SimilarWeb, and partially from a confirmation of sorts from the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales.

There has been a new study coming from Stone Temple Consulting that focuses on Wikipedia’s Google traffic from before and after the SimilarWeb report.  In the report, Wikipedia had shown a decrease in URLS in the top ten results, both in commercial and informational queries in Google search.

By looking at the following chart, you an see, by date, what percent of queries show a Wikipedia URL in the top 10:


Next, we have a chart showing ranking position, which would show the decline in the number ` and 2 positions for Wikipedia in Google:


In the study, when looking at the comparison between how much Wikipedia URLs showed up in Google’s search results compared to Google, Wikipedia still shows up significantly more often than Google’s own properties in the results.



So despite the “lower amount of traffic” that Wikipedia is getting, they are showing up way more than Google’s stuff.  That goes to show how big Wikipedia really is.  It puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

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