Study Finds Small Businesses Waste 25 Percent Of Their PPC Budgets

Ppc SEOs know how important PPC is to any online marketing campaign.  The problem is, a share of small businesses are wasting money on their PPC budgets.  According to a study, 25% of all small businesses are dumping money down the toilet due to managerial and strategic errors.

‘s news article on Search Engine Land states that WordStream, a paid search software firm, conducted the study.  500 small to mid-sized business clients who manage their own AdWords accounts were included in the study.  It was found that not even half of the businesses have utilized conversion tracking on their landing pages.  Many of the small business accounts have campaigns to generate leads or phone inquiries.  But, it was found that 95% of these accounts don’t even have call extensions set up.

This news is quite shocking, as this spells a lot of money and time wasted for each and every one of these small businesses.  There is more to this story, so click over to the full article by following the link below to Search Engine Land: